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“I'm glad that I didn't have the Internet when I started writing. I started writing when I was 20 and didn't show a word of it to anyone until I was 28. I had the sense to keep it to myself. Now the temptation with blogs and such, they're just getting it out there; maybe it would have been best to keep it to themselves.”

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“Write relentlessly, until you find your voice. Then, use it.”
“Writing gives you the illusion that you're in control. But it's just that: an illusion.”
“You need to be in the world and you need to be engaged with the world. It's my job to collect jokes. It's my job to collect startling images. And so when I'm out in the world, I'm at work. And I'm a professional.”
“You can't write unless you read.”
“I started writing when I was twenty, and my first book came out seventeen years later.”
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