Writing Analytics


Writing Analytics is an editor and writing tracker that helps writers and editors beat distractions and get their words done. Our tracking engine works behind the scenes while you write, recording words you add and delete, how long you spend typing during a writing session and how often you get distracted.

We believe that, much like exercise, writing is a habit. Our goal is to give you the tools to stay motivated so that you can develop a writing routine that is sustainable over the long-term.

Hi, I'm Radek – I built Writing Analytics

Radek Pazdera

I'm a writer, engineer and product designer based in London, UK. I've been running blogs, writing books and building software products for many years. I'm excited about stories and the tools writers use to bring them to life.

I've built Writing Analytics out of my own frustration with the writing process and hope that it helps you stay on top of your projects too.