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“The Apple Watch for your writing routine.”

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“Writing Analytics was exactly what I had been looking for, because I do really well with things that show when I'm building a streak. At any rate, writing every day has made me feel so much centered, because I'm finally doing what I've been upset with myself for not doing for a long time.”
“Tried it today and I can tell ya THIS MY FAVOURITE WRITING EDITOR.”
Write with Friends
Or strangers.
Work alongside other writers in public or private writing rooms. You can see everyone's progress in real-time and keep each other accountable.
Friends progress in Writing Analytics
Track Everything
The analytics engine in our editor tracks a variety of metrics while you write, including words, time spent, how focused you are and how much time you spend typing.
Words added and deleted chart Daily activity breakdown Typing time chart Time of day breakdown
Create a Habit
For the long-term.
A writer in motion tends to stay in motion. Writing Analytics helps you build momentum and create a writing routine that is sustainable for the long term.
Streaks grid in Writing Analytics
Stay Motivated
To keep going.
90% of writers give up before they finish the first draft. Writing Analytics is here to make sure you're not one of them.
Award badges in Writing Analytics
Write Anywhere
Use Writing Analytics on any device. Your drafts will automatically sync so you can continue where you left off.
Writing Analytics editor on mobile

Features You'll Love

Markdown Support
Structure and format your drafts in plain text.
Markdown support in Writing Analytics
Track Changes
Compare drafts and see how your stories evolve over time.
Tracking changes in Writing Analytics
Custom Highlights
Highlight words and phrases when editing to focus on specific issues.
Highlights in Writing Analytics
Draft Versioning
Writing Analytics keeps all previous versions of your draft. Changed your mind about an edit? You can always go back to the original.
Draft versioning in Writing Analytics
Dark Mode
Save your eyes and your device's battery life when writing at night.
Dark mode in Writing Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Writing Analytics for free?
Absolutely! We offer a free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
Will the app work on my devices?
Most likely! Writing Analytics runs in all major browsers on mobile and desktop. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.
What if I write something in another editor?
You can enter your word count and time spent manually to be included in your stats.
Can I move to a different plan after signing up?
Of course! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time.
Who owns the rights to my work?
You, 100%. We don't claim any rights to your intellectual property.
Have other questions?
Sure! We would love to hear from you at support@writinganalytics.co.