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Blog | 28 March 2021

Stay Motivated with Awards

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Writing Analytics comes packed with features to help you write more. From timed sessions and detailed analytics to project scheduling and habit tracking. Today, we're launching Awards — another way to stay motivated on your writing journey.

Whether you're writing a blog or working on a novel, awards will help you celebrate important milestones along the way.

The more you write, the more awards you'll earn. There's 46 of them to collect so far, but we'll be adding more in the future. Some are one-off; some you can receive multiple times. Let's take a look at some examples.

Regular Awards

You'll earn these when you hit your writing and revision goals for the day and week.

The Perfect Week Award in Writing Analytics

Daily Word Count

Earn these by writing as many words as some famous writers do every day.

The Hemingway Award in Writing Analytics

Daily Time Spent

Immerse yourself in your writing and earn an award for the number of hours you spend writing in a single day.

The You're a Machine Award in Writing Analytics


Write or revise a little every day to earn one of these. As Jerry Seinfeld says, "Your only job now is to not break the chain."

The Journey Begins Award in Writing Analytics

Writing Milestones

These celebrate the total number of words that you write over time. How long will it take you to join The Million Club?

The Million Club Award in Writing Analytics

Time Spent Milestones

Because the Writing Analytics editor also tracks your writing time, you'll get awards for how much time you spend writing.

The Mastery Award in Writing Analytics

How It Works?

You don't need to do anything. You'll receive each award automatically when you fulfil the criteria for it. You'll find the latest awards you earned in the Overview.

The latest awards in Writing Analytics

Click the View All button to see all the awards you can earn. Clicking on an award will reveal what you have to do to earn it as well as your current progress.

The awards view in Writing Analytics

Awards are available now to all Writing Analytics subscribers.

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