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Blog | 29 August 2023

Writing Inspiration — A Free Browser Extension for Writers

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Writing Inspiration is a free browser extension that transforms each new tab you open into a source of writing wisdom. It combines hundreds of quotes about writing with beautiful photos from libraries all around the world.


The extension was created by Writing Analytics. It's completely free to use. It doesn't track any information or syphon data about you to resell later.

I really built the extension for myself. I collect writing quotes, but I rarely go back to read them. Displaying one every time I open a new browser tab seemed like a good way to expose myself to the collected wisdom from the world's best authors throughout the day.

How It Works

That's all that the extension does. Each time you open a new tab, it will show you a quote and a photo from a library or a bookshop.

Writing Inspiration Chrome Extension

It comes with hundreds of quotes and dozens of photos. You shouldn't be seeing the same one too frequently. I release new updates every so often as my collection of quotes on writing expands.

By default, the extension updates the quote once a day. You can change the frequency by clicking the cog icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Writing Inspiration settings menu
Change the update frequency.

You can choose to have the quote update:

  • Every day
  • Every hour
  • Every new tab

Adding Writing Inspiration to Chrome

Writing Inspiration is available on the Chrome Web Store. You can install it as any other extension by finding it in the store and adding it to your browser.

The Writing Inspiration extension in the Chrome Web Store
The Chrome Web Store listing.

Google's team has reviewed the code during the submission process so you can rest easy.

Final Thoughts

Stumbling upon the right nugget of wisdom at the right time can get you out of a writing slump and inspire you to keep going. Writing Inspiration exposes you to this serendipity.

Click here to add Writing Inspiration to Chrome.

Enjoy using the extension? It would mean the world to me if you could leave a review in the web store. It helps more writers like you discover the extension.